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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  June 30, 2016 9:55am-10:29am PDT

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from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to the daily show. thank you so much, everybody, i'm trevor noah. our guest tonight from "orange is the new black" laverne cox is
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joining us, everybody. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: but first up, the brexit fallout continues in europe this week, particularly for bore is johnson, the former london mayor who looks like a done-- donald trump hairchg an allergic reaction to bee string. johnson supported breaksity and is now a leading candidate to become the next prime someone ay posted a video of johnson talking about brexit. what was interesting was where they posted it. you see, they put it up on pornhub with the title "dumb british blonds [bleep] 15 million people at once." >> now pornhub is apparently leaving the video up which i think is kind of mean. because you know there are some people who are going to be watching the video and not getting the joke. and they're just going to be sitting there like come on, come on. k come on! where is the pizza guy, come on! come on! that's mean, pornhub. let's move to our pain story.
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the hillry clerch ton campaign. ever since she clinched the democratic nomination, she has slowly been building up steam. her previous rival has inti mailted he is dropping out. ahead of trump in the polls and recently she gained a powerful new ally. >> u.s. senator elizabeth warren has made her debut on the campaign trail with the presumptive democratic nominee, hillary clinton. >> hill c.e.o. lynn-- hillary clinton and elizabeth warren joining forces for the first time in the campaign. >> hillary clinton will be the next president of the united states because she knows what it takes to beat a thin-skinned bully who ask drifen by greed and hate. >> trevor: oh yeah. that's elizabeth warren's bad an ass fighting style, float like a butterfly, sting like the librarian who just shut up your friends in the library. but getting elizabeth warren to campaign with hillary is a really big deal. first of all warren is one of the leading voices in the fine
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arts of trolling donald trump and also probably one of the country's top progressive icons toyed, basically bern ye sanders, elizabeth warren and flo. that's it. now that's progressive. so clinton's main challenge is to union fie the country. and this new alliance with warren is a good sign she might be able to do it. because until recently, they hated each other. >> elizabeth warren has ripped hillary clinton in the past. >> yeah. >> in in her book about bankruptcy. i mean there is real-- some real poisonous history. >> the credit card companies, she has taken money from the groups and more to the point, she worried about them as a constituency. >> trevor: yeah, but she only said those things because she was hungry. people say crazy things when they're hungry. once i asked my wife for a divorce when i was hungry, yeah, and i'm not even married. you see how crazy hunger makes you? you know, this is genuinely what i love about politics in america. people can spend years [bleep]
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each other and then when it suits their needs, a flippitiy flopper. i believe this is what political scientists refer to as reverse taylor swifting. they used to have bad blood but now they have mad love. but let's take a second here to comment on what a historic moment this is. for the first time in american history, the presumptive democratic presidential nominee is a woman, people. and she is joined on stage by another qualified powerful woman. i am sure-- i am sure-- (applause) >> that the news recognizes this. >> hillary clinton being joined by senator elizabeth warren, did you see the matching pant suits. >> did they select their outfits together. >> the good thing is they are selling those painting smocks on the clinton website. >> you know the blues brothers were john belushi and dan aykroyd. the blues sisters, there they are right there.
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>> not only did they have the matching suits, they had the matching hair. >> to see hillary and elizabeth warren in matching shocking blue pant suits, shrieking at the audience-- . >> trevor: yeah, and i mean to see all of us news pundits focusing on tabloid-level wardrobe mimu tia with these female politicians in a way we never do with their male counterparts who are always wearing the exact matching outfits is equally shocking. (applause) i am easily shocked. so if is the beginning of a clinton-warren friendship. but with all the beginnings must come some endings. and it looks like hillary may have finally reached the ending of her benghazi. you know benghazi, the terror attack in libya that inspired thousands of pages of results, multiple attack ads and even a make el bay movie. the point is republicans have been desperate to find any evidence to blame hillary clinton for benghazi but after multiple investigations they
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couldn't prove it. so they launched one final special superselect investigation. and it was run by this teud, south carolina congressman trey gowdy. he came in and made it all personal. he made it a personal quest to find out everything that happened in benghazi now no matter how damning it was to hillary. >> we'll follow the facts wherever they go. and if that impacts people's perception of her fitness to be commander in chief, so be it. >> so be it. that's right. trey gowdy was determined to get to the truth about hillary on benghazi. it was going to be his happiest day since he was a penis that wished on a magic condom to be a real boy. so yesterday after two years of the investigation, he finally issued the final reports. >> after a two-year, $7 million investigation, the authors of the report make no new accusations and provide no new evidence of wrongdoing against the former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> trevor: of course you found
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nothing! this was the ninth official investigation. you don't discover new things the niernt time. if it hasn't changed in the first eight what makes you think it's going to change in the ninth. it's not like in the ninth saw movie the bad guy is suddenly going to go, you want to play a game? let's play hungry, hinge ree hypo. it's new, it's the ninth time. so now trey gowdy has spent two years with nothing to show for it. nothing to show for it, except multiple followic el crimes that he calls haircuts. what the hell is this. what is look at this guy, he looks like a michael douglas movie that has been squeezed to fit on your screen, that is what that looks like. and look, that's not a-- thing, it is wildly understood that there is nothing that changes anything. no matter what he keeps saying about new information. >> i actually trust to you read the report. you read the report. >> i am asking you to read it. >> i'm actually proud of what we found and i think it's new. >> to the democrats claim there is no new information, i haven't heard much about this white
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house meeting. i will tell you there is new information. >> i is got information, man, new [bleep] has come to light. and [bleep] man. >> trevor: by the way, just by the way real quick, the report he is speaking about is 800 pages. you can't just tell people to read 800 pages. you know when you say that, no one is actually going to go out and read the 800 pages. >> i wouldn't even read 800 emoji, that is not something you could say. here is my point. i understand republicans hate hillary. but at some point, you have to admit that this isn't where you going to get her. all you have done is waste $7 million of taxpayer money and your own credibility on a personal grudge. yeah. could benghazi have been handled better, yes. could the state department do better protecting its ambassadors in the future, yes. but you are not getting anywhere going after clinton. so trey gowdy and company, you have done the proper amount of investigating, and then some, and still you have come up with
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nothing new. so fair warning, my friend, if you are not careful, and you continue on this path, it is only a matter of time before you fine yourselves holding your next hearing on pornhub. next hearing on pornhub. we'll be right back. when our troops don't come back, someone has to help their families move forward. my family lost so much. it was a shock. it was a void. special operations warrior foundation was there for me. without special operations warrior foundation, i don't know how we would all afford to go to college. now through july 31st, a portion of each sale of specially marked cherry extra strength 5-hour energy® shots benefits the special operations warrior foundation. we hope you will join the fight.
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. >> trevor: well koom back to the daily show. yesterday donald trump gave a major speech in pennsylvania outlining his economic policy. and for some reason, he did it in front of a wall of garbage. that is so embarrassing. for the wall of bar gaj-- garbage, of course. you know that wall is like i'm not with him. i'm not with him. for a look at what is true and what's not in donald trump's speech we turn to desi lydic in our fact-checking segment, what the actual facts. (applause) >> thank you, trevor. it's time once again to
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fact-check donald trump, now that i have had a xanax and half a bottle of rose, i'm ready. let's get started with trump's portrayal of our place in the world. >> we will make america the best place in the world to start a business. we're one of the highest-taxed nations in the world. >> right. america is one of the highest taxed nations in the world. just like donald trump is one of the greatest thinkers of our time. this statement is false. of the world's 34 developed economies, only three have lower taxes than america. he's trying to sell people on something that is totally bull [bleep]. that's why i give this claim one trump university. (applause) next up, trump put our economic outlook into his tor kal context. >> our founding fathers understood trade much better than our current politicians,
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believe me. >> you know, if you had to say believe me, after every sentence, something tells me i shouldn't believe you. this is false. trade and its place in the world economy today is vastly more complex than the founding fathers could ever have imagined 230 years ago. but don't get me wrong, as far as trade at that time, the founding fathers were considered experts in the field. especially if that field had cotton in it. yeah, i'm sorpee, but you can't talk about our founding father's trade without bringing up slavery, that's why i give this claim an independent states equal because trump is leaving out the most important part. well, there was a lot of bull [bleep] coming out of donald trump yesterday, which does make sense. i mean he looks like a die lated cow anu s.
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oh, thank you. now here's what trump said about hillary clinton's position on the transpacific partnership. >> hillary clinton was totally for the tpp just a short while ago. but when she saw my stance which is totally against, she was shamed into saying she would be against it too. >> okay, this one is partly true. hillary clinton was shamed into disavowing the tpp but the person without shamed her wasn't trump, the real credit goes to bernie sanders. (applause) you guying know he lost, right? that's right, hillary changed her position when bernie started challenging her from the left. donald trump is basically stealing from an old man. so i give this claim a henriettea, that is my grandfather's nurse. he claims she's stealing from him but like, what is she going to do with some cough drops and an orthopedic shoe. i mean it's really sad but the
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guy is 94 years old, and honestly i don't know why he is still hanging on. let go, pop pop, let go. i'm sorry, where was i? oh, the tpp. >> number one, i am going to withdraw the united states from-- the transpacific partnership. >> that is false. you want to be president of the united states, not the united straits. and finally, breaksity-- brexit. >> our friends in britain recently voted to take back control of their economy, politics and borders. i was on the right side of that issue as you know, with the people. i was there. i said it was going to happen. i felt it. >> this is true. he felt it. deep down in his grade d steak-ridden gut. and how quintessentially trump to boldly predict the past. the thing is, when he was asked
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about brexit before the vote he sounded a little less sure. >> this whole movement for the u.k. to leave the eu, what do you think britain should be doing? >> i don't think anybody should listen to me because i haven't really focused on it very much. but my inclination would be to get out because, now, just go it alone. getting out or staying in makes no difference to me. doesn't have any impact on me. i'm just saying my inclination would bement and i also tell people, don't go with the recommendation because it's a recommendation that i make. but that's where i stand. >> so-- (applause) >> this is a major global event and the guy who wants to lead the free world basically said he doesn't know or care. but there was one part of what he said that really resonated. >> i don't think anybody should listen to me. (applause) (cheers and applause) >> yeah, that part is 100% true.
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believe me. trevor. >> trevor: desi lydic, everyone. we'll b
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>> trevor: welcome back. tonight's guest is one of the stars of "orange is the new black".
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>> you're here. >> am i? >> well, welcome back you need anything? >> just kus. >> please welcome laverne cox. (cheers and applause) >> i like him them,. >> trevor: they like you as well. >> thank you so much. >> trevor: welcome to the show. >> it's good to be here, finally. this is my first time here. >> trevor: it is your first time here. >> it took someone black from south africa. >> trevor: to make it all
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happen. >> yes. >> trevor: congratulations on everything that you have and are continuing to achieve. you're a trail blazer in every sense of the word. the scene that we watched there in "orange is the new black" is really, i guess, the combination of a powerful story line. one that you really got into, your character gets put into solitary confinement because she is attacked. and this is something that is happening quite a lot, unfortunately, in american prisons. could you speak to that and how you, i guess how you process the information to play that role. >> well, what people should know is that transfolks are usually-- transwomen are housed in men's prisons. it is very rare that transwomen are in women's prison like my character. and often transwomen are placed in men's prisons and then placed in solitary confinement for our protection. they-- prison officials reason that it's probably not safe for a woman to be in a men's prison. and soin sted of maybe putting them in a women's prison they put them in solitary confinement. and human rights folks all over
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over the world agree that solitary confinement is tenantedment to cruel and unusual punishment, a violation of our 8th amendment. people in solitary for just 24 hours or a week can have side affects from that for the rest of their life, hallucinations, suicidal tendencies, paranoia it say horrible, dangerous practice, solitary. an when we got to explore, when i got to explore this story line on "orange is the new black" with what my character, i did a lot of research. i hope we do a good job on the show of bringing you into sophia's mind state, state of mind for people in solitary and what ta does to someone. >> trevor: it really is a powerful story and the fact you are playing it, "orange is the new black" is such a popular show t gets it out there, people pawk about it are you in multiple places having this conversation as well. you are also involved in legislature now. are you going out there trying to affect the laws that are affecting transpeople all over america, including the data act are you trying to be part of
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passing, why is that important to you. >> a few weeks ago i went to d.c. to do a press conference about the lgbt data inclusion act. and for those of you who don't know, basically it's an act that will require governmental agencies to take gender identity and sexual orientation data in their governmental surveys. right now we don't actually have an accurate count of how many transgender, lgbt people exist in the united states because we don't actually ask the questions. a couple of years ago i was like what needs to happen for transfolks. i was thinking on a systemic level. i was like we need to dismantle the gender bynary model and started think being the sen-- census and data collection to institutionally do that. another thing people should know is there are lots of dollars that go to organizations and allocated ef radio yee year based on census data. if are you not counted, are you often discounted. so those dollars don't go to lgbt growps. people should also know when laws are passioned in north carolina, the bathroom bill bill, disig ma-- stigma
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advertise transgendzer people, that is able to exist in part because people are able to spread misinformation about who transgendzer people are. what i do in the media is tell transstory, data selection is-- collection is another way to tell stories about who they are. about the disparities that we experience. and what lgbt people should know would be this would be providing information would be voal tear and confidential so a lot of the transfolks, lgbt people still don't feel safe disclosing that they are lgbt in this country. so part of the work is making it safer for people to proudly declare that they are lgbt, i say transis beautiful, i have been doing that hashtag for a long time. why do you keep saying transis ufl about, you're just a woman. i am like, it's important. there are transpeople all over this country, all over the world who still do not feel beautiful, who still do not feel as if their lives matter. and they do. and i think counting us is a very basic way to affirm that these lives matter. >> trevor: you definitely on the right track. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: definitely on the
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right track. so you are not just an orange is the new black am you have projects coming up. will you be in rocky hor horror reasons yes. >> trevor: i read this is one of your lifetime dreams to be a part of the production. >> i discovered this movie and this character from frank n furter became a blue print for me t became my own personal mantra, and when the opportunity to came to play this character so many years later i thought is this going to really lap, a black transwoman has never played this part before, after 40 years. and which screen tested and they liked me and we made the movie. it will be out on halloween on fox. >> trevor: so exciting. i cannot thank you enough for being here. thank you for your time, your beauty, inspiration, everything that you do. >> my beauty, thank you, trevor. >> trevor: the new season of "orange is the new black" is streaming on netflix, laverne cox, eve
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>> i assume you and your staff, mr. chairman, have looked into whether or not she broke any laws. do you believe she did? >> well, i would be among the last people to be able to answer that question. i was really immediate oaker lawyer, wolf, and i have no area of expertise when it comes to captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >> thank you for being here. after hitting mr. sterling with hope we brought this ugly


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